Day in a Life of a Tree Arborist

What You Do, Who They Work With

Imagine a day in the life of tree surgeons. It starts early, like most jobs do. You wake up and get ready for work, but before you head out the door there are some things that need to be done first. The first is always making sure your gear is ready to go for any job that might come today. This includes ensuring chainsaws and other tools are charged and sharpened so they’re at their best when needed!

Next it’s time to grab a quick breakfast. You might stop by the coffee shop for some caffeine or fuel up on something like oatmeal with almond milk and fruit. Maybe you’re in luck, too, because there will be plenty of snacks throughout the day! One thing about working as an arborist is that food often becomes your best friend when hours can get long and repetitive tasks take over each day. Fortunately there are always delicious options around such as fresh fruit from a nearby orchard.

Tree Surgeons

It’s finally time to head out into town – but not before grabbing some sunscreen if needed! The sun can do damage quickly so it never hurts to put on protection against UV rays and other environmental factors (like bug bites!). It really helps to have a high quality sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher to ensure you’re covered against sun damage.

A lunch break is always nice, but it’s even better when that food resembles some kind of delicious protein. As an arborist, you’ll find yourself working in extreme heat and may not get enough water throughout the day so eating something healthy can be difficult at times. That’s why we recommend filling up on salad greens like lettuce or spinach – they are both nutrient-rich as well as low in calories! They also provide longer lasting energy than other types of salads which could leave your stomach feeling fuller for hours without risking weight gain over time (if this becomes a problem). For more filling options consider adding garbanzo beans.