How to Survive Your First Year as a Young Adult in the Big City

A Manifesto

The first year of living in the big city can be a tumultuous time for anyone. You’re away from your family, you’re trying to find your way in this strange new world, and you have no idea what’s going on or how things work. This is a guide that will help young adults survive their first year as a resident of the big city. Thanks to friendly movers you can easily organize your moving day and remove all stress from moving.

Friendly Movers

What to expect from people?

People in the big city are drawn to people like them. If you’re from a small town, then expect that urbanites will be very different and probably seem standoffish or rude. They might not want to talk with you on the train because they think they’ll bore your socks off while telling their story about how they used to live in Wyoming for five minutes before moving back home again. In contrast, if you grew up in a large metropolitan area, then expect that everyone else is coming up roses when it comes to understanding what’s going on around here and how things work – but also don’t forget those who can’t help being bored stiff by other conversations!

What should I do?

Focus on yourself: create new friends, they can show you around the big city.

What is the advice for those who are feeling homesick?

Invest in something that reminds you of home. For example, if your beloved college football team plays on Saturdays, invest in an expensive cable package to watch them play on tv with friends – or even go to their games! Take advantage of visiting family and friends as often as possible so they can make sure you’re doing well while also getting a break from city life once in awhile. And don’t forget that it’s okay not to see things through – sometimes moving back “home” might be better than staying here all by yourself.