Painting Tips From Experts

Painting For Beginners

You have long wanted to do painting, but you think you don’t have the talent for it and you are not sure what you need to do this art. You can find out everything about painting at painting.

As we said, painting is an art, where you express your feelings, your experiences, your imaginations, or create portraits, wonderful landscapes or still lifes with colors on the surface. No matter what you paint and what colors you choose, it is painting.

There are many painting motifs, such as: nude, portrait, self-portrait, figure, landscape, figural composition, still life. Everyone likes certain topics and has certain interests, so based on that they will decide which motive is best for them.


Which painting technique you choose depends on which colors you like to work with the most. On painting, you are given a detailed description of each technique. Since there are many types of techniques, such as: pastel, watercolor, tempera, acrylic, oil, fresco, and many others, we have written extensively about each one, which materials are used, and the best way to do a certain technique. We are sure that our efforts will help you a lot.

Paper and canvas are mainly used as substrates in painting. Which substrate you will choose, mainly depends on which technique you want to work with. You can find out about all types of substrates when it comes to painting at painting.

Also, you can read all about surrealist compositions, as well as science fiction. Perhaps painting these motifs will suit you best.

If you are a beginner in the world of painting, one click on painting is enough to find out everything you are interested in about painting and start creating your own works of art. We wish you to have your own exhibition one day.