What Does a Concrete Contractor Do

Here’s What a Concrete Contractor Does

Concrete contractors specialize in pouring and finishing concrete. They usually provide these services to buildings, sidewalks, driveways, and parking lots. You may think of a contractor as someone who just builds things but this is not true for all contractors. Concrete contractors in Santa Clarita, CA job is to turn the blueprint into reality by making sure everything goes smoothly from start to finish.

The concrete contractor has a lot of skills that go into their work. Concrete needs to be poured, finished, and then cured before it is ready for use. The curing process takes around 28 days in the summer but may take longer if temperatures are cooler or colder than average. In order to ensure smooth pouring, finishing, and curing processes, there are many important steps along the way which contractors need to make sure they do correctly such as:

Concrete pumps must be properly installed in order for concrete trucks to unload smoothly without causing damage. Concrete slabs should not have any cracks when your job is complete because these can lead leaks once the slab cures or worse yet cause spalling due to moisture seeping into the cracks.

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Concrete should be properly finished so that it is not slippery when wet and can also have an aesthetic appeal if desired.

The curing process must happen in order for concrete to harden correctly after being poured or else there may be more problems with water seeping into the slab, cracking, or spalling as mentioned above.

If any of these steps are skipped then you run a risk of having poorly cured concrete which will need to be replaced because it cannot take heavy loads without breaking down. This would add even more costs onto your project and waste time on top of money in terms of waiting for new material to arrive before work could resume again at full speed and efficiency.